Fast Ducati Art Series,When creating two-wheeled missiles able to leaving behind the vast majority of two-wheeled vehicles on the road nowadays, you must take note of each and every detail, no matter how tiny, from the manufacturing method. By natural means, the designation is additionally a thing for being mindful at.  Fast Ducati Art Series

Probably which is why motorcycle manufacturers would rather resume that to names such as CBR, GSX-R, ZX-R, R1. To start with glance they really don't say quite much, but we know they indicate Competition Bicycle Replica or Gran Sport eXperimental - Racing, as an example. And that does not bother us at all.

But have you actually wondered what affect a moniker that implies death would have on the sales of bicycle such as these? We’re pretty sure they would have already been critically impacted. 

Ducati is one of the producers known for making truly quick and good-looking bikes. However they title them 1098 or 1198, and we’re Okay with that. Although not 1 Danish artist, who thought these Ducati superbikes require a change in both styling and designation elements.

And so the “Kill Me Fast” Ducati artwork sequence was born, which includes ten custom made painted bikes. The inspiration Kristian von Horsleth had for his “Kill Me Fast” sequence was, in reality, given by a Ducati salesman. "You never really feel anything while you hit the wall with 320 km/h," stated the salesman when teh artist asked him if it was harmful to trip such a bike. 

“Then I wondered why, I myself was so fascinated by this relation among amazing italian design as well as the superior motor technology. It truly is precisely this mix of splendor, pace and death, which inspired me to include this 'scuplture' in my creative perform. The painted lines and forms interacts in a 'futilistic' make an effort to check out and problem the given logic with the Ducatis layout,” von Horsleth states.
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    This is such a outstanding work done by the Kristian von Hornsleth. After his art work the bike looking totally different compare the original. This art work is very suitable on this bike.
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