2009 New Honda DN-01 .V-Twin motor Feet-forward riding placement Attention-grabbing look? Check.A dab of sportbikeThe DN-01 is actually a peculiar concoction: two areas scooter; a single component cruiser; and one part sportbike. And if you will need to journey a scooterish motorbike in the course of Bike Week, this new Honda matches appropriate in by standing apart, as we found out by cruising A1A and Major Street all around Daytona last week.

2009 New Honda DN-01
2009 New Honda DN-01

2009 New Honda DN-01Say what you will about purity, historical relevance, aesthetics or bling, riding throughout Bicycle Week is all about obtaining attention from fellow riders and bystanders. Trundling along down Main at a sub-walking pace on a Chevy V8-powered motorcycle can make no other sensation. And in this respect, the DN retains its own in Daytona.

The 2009 Honda DN-01 flies into showrooms this month with your selection of Candy Dark Red (proven) or perhaps a sinister black edition1st observed in prototype type in late 2005 in the Tokyo Motor Demonstrate, the DN-01 (Dream New Notion 1) was described like a “comfortable sports activities cruiser.” Now obtaining reached manufacturing, Honda calls the DN a “crossover.”
The DN-01 caused very a stir wherever we went about Daytona’s Bicycle Week.
A balanced chassis and plethora of rider aids make the DN-01 simple to maneuver even for newbies.
What ever you get in touch with it, the DN-01 (could we please have a very identify with some personality…?) helps make a splash wherever it’s ridden. Its arresting style damage some necks in Daytona, since it caused numerous neck-snapping double-takes.
The DN defies instant classification. Its shark-like nose brings to head a futuristic sportbike and it is its strongest styling asset, but its substantial duration presents it a laid-back cruiser profile. It seems to be like a mega-scooter, also, but it is reduced than your normal touring scooter. A single-sided swingarm helps make area for that stainless-steel exhaust and provides for simpler access to the semi-adjustable rear shock

Riding the DN couldn’t be easier. It is driven by a 680cc, 52-degree V-Twin borrowed through the European-market Transalp. Although it's roots towards the late-1980s Hawk GT, the SOHC, 4-valve motor is thoroughly modernized using a sophisticated fuel-injection system making use of dual 40mm throttle bodies and high-tech 12-hole injectors.
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